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I've recently considered writing my book. Yes, I claim a book that is non-existant. I've had this stupid idea for years that plays off something and so on. In the current UF market, this may fit right in, however since I've had this idea before the UF onslaught, I don't want to jump on the band wagon and be lost.
   After doing some research, I found a few good bloggers out there letting others know the pitfalls of writing/publishing. I found aspiring authors Kevin Hearne, JN Duncan, Jess Haines, Anne-Mahari-Simpson, to name a few. A new underworld is out there. A great one! I learned new terminology "slush pile" and "ARCs" among others. I also quit worrying if I was lost...there was no "if". I was/am lost.
    I found so many talented people dedicating time and energy to make things happen for them, left my lazy ass deflated. Maybe inspiration will hit again before I'm 45.
    Hey, I'm reading some great new authors! So, it's not a total loss. I wonder if I could just give my idea to be written by another person?
I guess it's only 'real' to me though, too bad, it is simple/inventive.

A Song of Ice and Fire continues

I have been reading a series A Song of Ice and Fire over the years, as the books release anyhow. To those who've read them, you love them no doubt.
I have saved the 4th book in the series, "A Feast for Crows", for 4 years without reading it, anticipating A Dance with Dragons. I started re-reading the entire series(sheer delight) and have cracked the "new" 4 year old book. I think the timing is right, in that I may be starting A Dance with Dragons this coming year. 
 If you have stumbled onto this page and enjoy high fantasy from the likes of Rodge Zelanzy, or other greats, check out George RR Martin.

If you have any authors of note you'd like to share, please do. It is a struggle to start a new series at times in the dark.

To my Fans

Welcome nobody, thank you for stopping by.
I know this will be read by on one but me , ha ha.
     As a child in school we were asked to write a letter to the newly elected Ronald Reagan. It was shortly after the devastation of Mt. St. Helens.
    So I write this old guy a letter, knowing full well, even at 9 or 10, that he will not even see my letter. I say as much in the inrto .
    "Look , I know you won't even read this letter, so to whoever is reading it could you please...."  or something to that effect. My sister has the letter still.
   Well, it turned out my "clever" turn of phrase earned me a responce by the then President of the United States. That's right! I was the only responce in this school district, or the other 6 that participated. I was sent a reply, a full color book of the white house, and other swag.
  Which is why I write this now...write it, bare what you really think, and someone may accidantlly read it. Hell, I may even end up having something to say.


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